New Haven Unified School District Solar System Retrofit

Alisto Engineering Group paired with Cenergy Power LLC to compete for the $9 Million Dollar Design-Build solar system retrofit development of 11 school facility sites for New Haven Unified School District throughout Union City, CA. The project included both rooftop installations as well as solar carport shade structures for a total capacity of over 3MW of renewable energy, enough to fulfill the need of ___% of NHUSD’s overall power usage. Eight of the sites were designed and built during the Summer and Fall of 2016. The other three were completed during the Summer of 2017. Alisto was responsible for the Local Project Management, DSA approvals and acted as the Architect of Record. Alisto also served as the subcontractor for underground utilities (Horizontal Boring ), asphalt and Concrete paving, Tree Removal and Demolition, and ADA upgrades