Architectural Planning and Design Services

Alisto is not your traditional A&E firm. With its LEED-accredited professionals, Alisto’s award-winning Architecture Design Group considers the energy efficiency of every structure we design and build. Like all of our services, Alisto’s Architecture Services view each client and project as a complete picture, taking into consideration all the factors that go into and around a building, including its budget, delivery method, schedule, functionality, environmental footprint, infrastructure requirements and long term sustainability goals. Whether designing and constructing new facilities or proposing retrofits for existing structures, Alisto carefully selects a team of specialized members as consultants and subcontractors to meet the client’s specific needs. Alisto works early in the process from initial Strategic Planning, through programming and design for both Design-Bid-Build and Design-Build efforts. By selecting and customizing appropriate partners for each project, Alisto is able to assure clients that they will receive the most qualified teams to meet their specialized programmatic needs.

When it’s time to transform drawings into physical structure, Alisto’s custom selected cross-disciplinary team members can engineer all the systems that go into the building, and then manage its construction from start to finish.

architectural services

  • Strategic planning and organizational change programming
  • Sustainable master planning and community development
  • Consulting for LEED Green Building conversions
  • Building Energy Analysis
  • Development feasibility assessment, due diligence, valuation/cost estimating
  • Entitlement processing and permits
  • Design and construction management and team selection
  • Development management, entitlement processing and permitting
  • Project management, including budgeting and scheduling
  • Tenant improvement
  • Building information management (BIM)
  • Structural Engineering Design
  • Real estate portfolio analysis for purchase/disposition
  • Facility maintenance and operations management
  • Interior design, programming and space planning

types of facilities

  • Airport and transportation facilities
  • Business parks
  • Corporate office buildings and campuses
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Mixed-use urban development/redevelopment
  • R&D, laboratories and high-tech facilities
  • Retail, mixed use shopping complexes
  • Industrial facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Allied Health Sci.-Valley
  • LAUSD Middle College High School-3
  • MCHS_EntryCourt
  • LA SW Coll MP
Structural Design Engineering