Engineering Services

Alisto’s complete Engineering Services depend on a solid base of knowledge and years of collective experience of our multi-disciplinary team of professional and technical personnel. The diverse experience of our staff brings both a unique and practical level of understanding and appreciation of our clients’ culture, standards, and processes that we as a team can apply for efficient project execution and delivery process.

What’s more, our streamlined and simple project management approach gives our team the flexibility and adaptability to quickly respond to unforeseen changes in client’s requirements, site conditions or applicable regulations with minimal impact on project delivery and quality. A unique service that only a few can offer.

We involve senior management and experienced professionals throughout the project execution process from start to completion, offering independent critique, technical guidance, and quality control review at critical steps of the project life. With direct involvement of senior level professionals and minimal roadblocks, our team can manage and execute projects more efficiently and timely by avoiding multiple changes and revisions.

Project Application

We offer our complete engineering services a wide range of projects, including but not limited:

  • Gas transmission and distribution facilities
  • Environmental compliance and management systems
  • Environmental remediation and cleanup of contaminated sites
  • Water and wastewater management systems
  • Infrastructures and utilities
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Building energy efficiency retrofit
  • Commercial and industrial facilities
  • Corrosion protection systems

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