Program & Project Management

In today’s environment, major capital programs and projects demand comprehensive and intelligent strategic planning and cost management along with innovative and sustainable solutions.  Alisto is a trusted partner in the management and cost control of major capital engineering and environmental programs in numerous markets, including oil and gas facilities, water and wastewater utilities, energy resource management, corporate real estate development, and educational institution improvements.

We have a proven track record and the depth of needed resources to manage major programs and provide the broad range of services throughout the United States and abroad.   Through our network of affiliates and partner companies, we can manage any program almost anywhere in the world.  The experience and proven skills of our talented professionals provide an invaluable benefit to efficiently manage programs and develop cost-effective solutions for projects.

We analyze with our clients all viable options to find the solution that best fit each client’s program needs  With our extensive experience in sustainability, engineering design, environmental management, risk management, cost control, project management, and construction management, we can execute and manage from simple to complex capital programs.  Our multi-disciplinary staff of professionals with the acquired skills and abilities for program management, understand all the functions and responsibilities required throughout all phases of execution of a capital program’s life cycle and to implement and deliver projects to successful completion.

Based on decades of long-term partnerships and alliances with clients such as US Postal Service, US Department of Defense, BP Oil Company, Exxon Mobil Oil Corporation, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Southern California Gas Company, Chrysler Technology Center, Dreamworks SKG, Los Angeles Community College District, and other major corporations and public agencies, our staff has gained an invaluable hands-on experience and expertise in managing an extensive variety of capital programs and delivering exceptional service and solutions.